~ 2022
This tapestry, imagined at the CIAP-Vassivière art center, is a collaborative project made with asylum-seekers from Guinea, Senegal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and French volunteers of Montagne Accueil Solidarité association in Limousin, France. This territory is marked by a traditional French craft: Aubusson Tapestry. Over the last five centuries, main woven subjects were imaginary plant landscapes called “Verdures”. This project seeked to produce a new common imaginary through times of sharing and collective creation, asking what could be today's Verdure at a time of multiple ecological and social crises? From here or over there, the plants were an opportunity to remember, to recall and to share an emotional memory, characteristic of a distant territory left behind, a family history, an intimate memory. verdure commune transmits a new imagination, composed of both intimate productions and exchanges, revealing a common, varied and precious biodiversity. The tapestry was woven at Neolice and presented at the art center CIAP-Vassivière from December 2022 to March 2023.

With the participation of Abdoul Hamidou N’Diaye, Ahmad Moalim Ibrahim, Aliou Diallo, Anne Monceix, Annick Quivy, Ansoumana Diaby, Atifullah Tarakhail, Catherine Delavigne, Fakhar Zaman, Gulkhan Shinwari, Gwendoline Jooren, Marine Froeliger, Mauricette Auclair, Merzajan Safi et Said Agha Yousafzai.
© Aurélien Mole

                                       Cécile Vignau, material and colour designer