ARCADE Design à la campagne® invited me to curate, alongside with Édith Bricogne, an exhibition about simple geometric shapes throughout textiles, objects and works of art.
~ 2020
photos: ©Elisabeth Leersen

Le commun
Jean Dubuffet described some artistic forms as “small works of nothing at all, quite concise, almost unformed, but sounding very strong”. The book (master thesis) is a reflexion on these unsophisticated drawings, paintings and sculptures.
~ 2015
photos: ©Véronique Huygue

Drawing your dreams,
Personnalised bed linens for Camif ÉDITION, a French furniture brand engaged in local and eco-friendly production.
~ 2018

Surface, light and color,
Inspired by Henri Matisse’s painting Luxe, calme et volupté, this weaving is composed by many coloured segments randomly positioned on the white surface (just one thread is used with many sequences of bright colours). Special design for the international company Saint-Gobain Adfors.
~ 2015
photos: ©Véronique Huygue

A collection of projects organised in three colours (Red, Green, Blue) which inspire me as a material and colour designer.
~ 2015

Small bag in plywood designed for the Louvre boutique to celebrate a new gallery in the museum dedicated to the 18th French century. 
~ 2014
photos: ©Véronique Huygue

Le bonhomme sans tête et autres sornettes,
An illustrated book with ten short and absurd stories.
~ 2012

photos: ©Véronique Huygue

                                       Cécile Vignau, material and colour designer