an installation between Hirokawa and Paris

~ 2022
This installation for Paris Design Week 2022 was imagined with the textile designer Aki Watanuki. Inspired by the process of Japanese weaving called “kurumé-kasuri”, we transposed beautiful scenes from the daily landscape of Hirokawa to the Bibliothèque Historique de la Ville de Paris and composed three graphic and coloured panels on the traditional French front. To do this, a special cooperation was set up with several craftsmen of the kurumé-kasuri union, each of them giving various lengths of dyeing threads. While the kurumé-kasuri is today weakened by a globalized and standardized textile industry, this installation wishes to establish links between Hirokawa and Paris in order to imagine new futures for this singular and historic weaving.

                                       Cécile Vignau, material and colour designer