Cécile Vignau


— interior fabric collections
— final master project
made at ENSCI-Les Ateliers
and followed by the danish
designer Margrethe Odgaard
— Paris, 2016

After a research period, three interior textiles are developed, each one with different quality, process and use: fraction (jacquard weaving for upholstery objects), segment (hand-woven carpet) and brume (combination of an opaque and a semi-transparent curtain). The colour mixture is carried out by different processes such as weaving or superimposed screen printings. Each fabric has been declined in four different colour variations, the same drawing becoming different according to coloured associations. Thanks to the variations, this collection offers large coloured choices for each user, according to his personality and his tastes. Finally, the fabrics’ simplicity allow a good adaptability in use as well as a sustainability in time.