the experience of ochres and earths, 
a repertoire of colours and materials from nature
~ 2019 . 2020
As most of the colours come from the petrochemical industry nowadays, Cécile decided to take a renewed interest in natural pigments such as ochres and earths. These  clays, more or less rich in iron oxides, are raw, economic, eco-friendly and available on all continents. As part of a design residency at the cultural center ARCADE Design à la campagne®, the company Solargil®, last extractor of ochres in Burgundy (France), offered her their support in this project. She combined ochres and earth pigments with exclusively natural and raw binders such as flour, linseed oil, gum arabic, plaster, agar-agar* or potato starch. She then created a repertoire of colours and materials, playing with gradations and stratas, a nod to the geological origin of ochres and the phenomena of sedimentation.

*Agar-agar experiments carried out with the designer Violette Vigneron and her project Souci.

                                       Cécile Vignau, material and colour designer