an exhibition
about simple
geometric shapes

ARCADE Design à la campagne® (literally design in the countryside) is an organization composed of design and craft enthusiasts. It’s based in a XVIIth century castle, in the middle of the Burgundy countryside. This cultural center’s goal is to create high quality events around design and craft, for a public that is distanced from urban centers. In 2020, they invited me to curate, alongside with Édith Bricogne, their main exhibition: Abstraction(s). It questioned the emergence of simple geometric shapes throughout textiles, objects and works of art. 

Exhibitors (designers, craftmans, artists, private collectors): Wendy Andreu / Bram van Derbeke / Sybille Berger / Cedric Canaud / Denis Castaing / Chevalier-Masson / Armel and Liliane Chichery / Luce Couillet / Louise-Marie Cumont / La Fabrique Nomade avec Ali Moussavi et Sandrine Alouf / Stefania Di Petrillo / Ulysse Lacoste / Laend / Elisabeth Leerssen / Chloé Levesque / Claire Marfisi / Fanette Mellier / Vinça Monadé / Natacha et Sacha / Pernelle Poyet / Roseanna & Edith Raymond / Les Résilientes / Claude Robin / Phillip David Stearns / Emma Terweduwe / Aliki van der Kruijs / Godefroy de Virieu /

                                       Cécile Vignau, material and colour designer