of Aubusson tapestries

These drawings are inspired by Verdures, an ancient tapestry series from Aubusson, France, representing mainly trees and foliage. From the current shades of these old tapestries (essentially greens, blues, ochres, browns, greys), those drawings are like random impressions, emotional and abstract representations of landscapes. From near or far, the effect changes: is it an aerial view or a field of flowers? A blurred sky full of clouds or a distant horizon?

Drawings made for the call for creation 2019 launched by the Cité Internationale de la Tapisserie d'Aubusson.
Project carried out with the designers Pablo Bras and Violette Vigneron. Not selected.

Verdure fine aux armes du comte de Brühl, Aubusson, XVIIIe siècle

                                       Cécile Vignau, material and colour designer